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2017 Adult Education Course Listings

01/01/2017 6:50 PM | Anonymous

2017 Adult Education Course Listings


School District No. J-24 . 212 East Neal . Three Forks, MT 59752

Class Title: Microsoft Applications

Instructor: Katie Emery

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Tuesdays 6-7PM Elem Lab #3

Description: This course is designed to help an individual apply the Microsoft software in their personal and professional lives. Students will be introduced to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Students will have the opportunity to learn the concepts they need to be successful in these applications. Students will learn how to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and emails in a professional manner.

Class Title: Introduction to Computer Applications

Instructor: Katie Emery

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Monday’s 6-7pm Elem lab #3

Description: Introduction to Computer Applications is designed to familiarize participants with computers and their applications. It will also emphasize the use of computers and technology throughout their future experiences both personal and professional. Students will learn fundamental concepts of computer hardware and software and become familiar with a variety of computer applications, including Microsoft Office Suite. Participants will also investigate Internet-based applications, working with email and learning how to browse the web. Coursework also includes activities that explore social and ethical issues related to computers.

Class Title: Navigating Social Media Workshop

Instructor: Katie Emery

Registration Fee:$20.00

2 Nights: Wed. February 8th 5-7pm     Thurs. February 23rd 5-7pm Elem Lab #3

Description: In this Navigating Social Media course, participants will gain an understanding of the main social media applications through background knowledge, step-by-step implementation, and guidance of long-term use. A goal of this course is to enhance its participants’ personal and professional lives through social media. Social media applications included in this course will be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Class Title: Fly Fishing for Beginners

Instructor: Norman Darlinton

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Monday and Wednesday 7-8:30PM in the Old Gym

Description:  The primary goal of this course is to educate new fly fisherman on the tackle and techniques of the trade. We will learn to cast with fully equipped rods while learning the importance and functionality of many different rod types, reels, lines and accessories. Students will also be educated on fly types, knot tying, and reading the water to give the best presentation possible. Let’s catch some fish!

Class Title:  Wildflower Reflections:  Families, Legacies, and Estate Planning

Instructor: Marsha Goetting

Registration Fee:$10.00

1 Night: Tuesday January 24th 6:30-8:30PM in the Auditorium

Description: Marsha A. Goetting is a Professor and Extension Family Economics Specialist.   During the past six years she has presented over 330 educational sessions reaching over 11,500 Montanans with financial and estate planning information.  She has received state, regional and national state awards for her programs.  Dr. Goetting received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Family Economics and Adult Education from Kansas State University.  Her PhD is from Iowa State University.

If you think estate planning is a boring topic then you haven’t been to one of Dr. Marsha Goetting’s presentations.  She has a reputation for her ability to make estate planning interesting.  She also has kept participants actively involved by giving them the opportunity to answer questions by using response clickers.  Dr. Goetting has recently enhanced her presentation using a different approach.  She has combined her appreciation of Montana wildflowers with her expertise in estate planning to offer residents of Three Forks and surrounding area an exciting program:  Wildflower Reflections:  Families, Legacies, and Estate Planning. Plan to attend the class on January 24, 2017.  You will discover when a will or a trust has control over your property and when neither one does.  You will discover how you can avoid probate with the Montana estate planning tools of POD designations, TODs, and beneficiary deeds.  She will highlight a Montana statue that allows you to distribute items that do not have a title.  Don’t miss this opportunity!!! 

Class Title: Mah-Jongg

Instructor: Ms. Jean Davis

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Thursdays 6:00-7:30PM in the Elementary Library

Description: Learn to play American Mah-jongg (Chinese Tile Game). Sharpen your thinking skills while providing fun and enjoyment. If you have a game set, bring it to the first class.

Class Title: Introduction to Digital Photography

Instructor: Trish Jones

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Tuesday’s 6:30-8:30 Elementary Room #17

Description: We will learn about how light and composition affects images.  Students will also learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO in order to help capture in the camera what your eye sees.

The class will be a combination of classroom learning and taking what we learn and applying it on photo “field trips”.

A digital SLR camera is suggested, however a point and shoot camera with some manual settings will work as well.

Class Title: WINTER SOUPS #1

Instructor: Karen Rose

Registration Fee: $10.00

1 Night: Monday 1/9 5:30-7:30 in High School Room #14

Description: Learn to cook winter soups. This week I will teach you how to make cream of mushroom and pumpkin curry winter soup.

Class Title: WINTER SOUPS #2

Instructor: Karen Rose

Registration Fee: $10.00

1 Night: Monday 1/16 5:30-7:30 in High School Room #14

Description: Learn to cook winter soups. This week I will teach you how to make winter vegetable soup and wild rice soup.

Class Title: Fashion

Instructor: Karen Rose

Registration Fee:$10.00

3 Nights: Thursday 12th 19th & 26th 6:30-8:00PM in High School room #13

Description: What to wear or what not to wear? That is the question. Do you want to have a small wardrobe with a big impact? Let me help you navigate fashion to suite your lifestyle, body type and budget. This 3 week course will cover how to mix and match, how to accessorize, how to determine which fashion trends work for you, how to balance the body with the use of clothes, and permission to get rid of things in your closet that you no longer need or want. There will also be an optional field trip to Bozeman ( for an additional fee)  so we can put into practice what we learn by visiting retail stores, thrift stores and consignment stores.

Class Title: Quilting 101 - The Beginning

Instructor: Cathe Felz

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Tuesday’s 6-8:00PM in High School room 14

Instructor: Cathe Felz


Do you want to learn how to quilt, but don’t know where to start, not sure what equipment you might need or are you unsure of how to get started? Come join other beginning quilters to learn the basics of quilting. This eight week course will give you time to complete a variety of blocks which can be sewn into a wall hanging or lap quilt. This class will have an open format where you will learn how to hand piece a small quilt suitable for a wall hanging or placemat. Learn basic rotary cutting & piecing techniques.  Once you learn the steps, quilting can be quite relaxing, and by the end of class, you will have a finished product. Materials list available upon registration. Students must pick out their own colored fabric and bring them to class, but they should not be cut into quarters.

Class Title: Healthy Cooking made easy

Instructor: Hillary Folkvord

Registration Fee:$10.00

1 Night: Wednesday January 11th 6-8PM in High School Room #14

Description: Learn how to create a quick and simple meal for your family. We will be swapping healthy ingredients to give your family a nutritional and delicious dinner. What’s on the menu?

-Vegan Caesar Salad

-Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Meatballs

- Chia Seed Pudding

Bon Appetito!

Class Title: Zumba

Instructor: Victoria Miller

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Wednesday at 7-8:00PM in the Cafeteria

Description: Ditch the workout join the party! Join us for Zumba!! We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.  It combines a variety of music from Latin to hip-hop and is for everybody and every body! All ages welcome.

Class Title: Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage

Instructor: Tina Wambeke

Registration Fee:$10.00

Supply Fee: $10.00

1 Night: Wednesday February 8th 7:00PM in the High School Library.

Description: You and your partner will learn how to give a relaxing head, neck and shoulders massage to each other over clothes while seated in a chair.  Each participant should sign up with a partner and bring a pillow to class.  Massage has been shown to relieve stress and pain and deepen connections.  This class is hands-on so be prepared to give and receive therapeutic touch while working with your partner.   You will receive massage oil to use at home

Class Title: Pottery

Instructor: Teri Whitesitt

Registration Fee:$20.00

Supply Fee: $10.00

8 Weeks: Mondays 6-9PM in Elementary Room #17

Description: The goal of this classis to realize the potential of your creative spirit through the medium of clay, the most forgiving artistic medium. The 3 hour studio course explores multiple hand building and wheel techniques. 4 Weeks will be spent on various hand-building projects, while 4 weeks will be spent on the potter’s wheel. This class is a beginning to intermediate level course.

Class Title: Introduction to American Sign Language will be taught by Gayle Clifford.

Instructor: Gayle Clifford

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Wednesdays 7-8:30PM in the Elementary Library

Description: Gayle  has been signing for 27 years. She took her first American Sign Language Class at Montana State University and later took 2 additional sign classes at MSU. Her training also includes numerous weekend workshops and summer week long workshops at the school for the Deaf and Blind in Great Falls.  Gayle retired as a Sign Language Interpreter from the Belgrade School System in 2011. The Adult Ed Introduction to ASL Class will include the history of Deaf Culture and ASL, the ASL Alphabet  and Numbers, and various groups of signs. Each class will include time for practice of what has been introduced in class. Gayle taught this class in the Three Forks Adult Ed in 2015. Gayle lives near Three Forks with her husband Paul.

Class Title: Adult Hip-Hop

Instructor: Emily Waugh

Registration Fee:$20.00

9 Weeks: Mondays 7-8:00PM in the High School Band Room

Description: We will learn three fun routines over the course of the session, focusing on three different sub-categories of Hip Hop: Old School, New Style, and Lyrical Hip Hop. Classes will provide a moderate workout for those interested in a fun, new exercise routine. Suitable for all experience levels. No pressure - just fun!

Class Title: Blogging and Social Media

Instructor: Emily Waugh

Registration Fee:$10.00

2 Nights: January 11th and January 12th 6:30-8:30pm in Elementary Room #17

Description: Blogging and Social Media Workshop - 2 Day Workshop -

A crash course for those interested in starting a blog, improving one they already run, or simply upping their social media game. The workshop will be broken into two main sections: Creation and Promotion. During Creation, we will cover the pros and cons of different platforms; discuss post topics and voice; and learn simple ways to streamline the appearance of your blog through use of font, photo formatting, and quotes. During Promotion, we will learn how to promote your blog through Instagram, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Advertising. Learn how to leverage hashtags and geotags to grow your audience. We will also touch on Twitter, ITTT, and Pinterest.

Class Title: Learn to Golf

Instructor: Dave Edwards

Registration Fee:$20.00

8 Weeks: Monday and Wednesdays 7:00-8:30PM in the New Gym

*Class limited to 10*

Description: Learn the fundamentals of grip, stance, alignment & posture. We will cover all basic aspects the students need to play nine holes. We will introduce putting, chipping full and partial swing. The basic rules and etiquette, golf exercises will be covered. We will be using Snag Golf in the gym.

Class Title: Beginning Yoga

Instructor: Kari Hansen

Registration Fee: $20.00

8 Weeks: Tuesday’s 6-7PM in the High School Band Room

Description: Beginning Yoga:  Fundamental postures and breath work that introduce the principles of foundation, alignment, and focus. Instruction will include standing and floor postures gradually increasing to flow (moving from one posture to the next coordinating the movement with the breath), please bring a yoga mat.

Class Title: Montana History

Instructor: Steve McCormick

Registration Fee: $20.00

8 Weeks: Monday’s 6-7:30PM in High School Room #13

Description: This course will cover the basics of Montana History from the beginning of human contact through the present. We will try to accomplish this task with exciting course materials and interactive class discussions. Topics included will be exploration, Native American culture, conflicts, mining, homesteading, railroads, transportation, and modern Montana. We will also examine the social and cultural trends taking place in Montana as well as any other topics of student interest.

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