Bozeman Health Services

Bozeman Health is committed to improving community health and quality of life.
From its beginnings as a single hospital, Bozeman Health now covers a service area that extends throughout southwestern Montana. Our health system is comprised of two hospitals, several specialty treatment centers, a network of physician and urgent care clinics, outpatient treatment facilities and retirement and assisted living facilities, all staffed by hundreds of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, technologists, specialists, experts of many varieties and dedicated professionals.

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915 Highland Blvd
Bozeman, MT 59715 



206 Alaska Frontage Road (South of I-90)
Belgrade, MT 59714 


(406) 414-3334  (Office)

V42 Fitness

V42 Fitness is a SOF veteran owned fitness facility located in Three Forks, MT. Regardless of your fitness level V42 can accommodate your fitness needs. 

The unique name of our facility is a nod to the 1st Special Service Force, an elite American and Canadian unit established in 1942. The unit came together and trained near Helena, MT before being sent overseas. The V-42 knife was a high performance weapon designed especially for the men to use in hand-to-hand combat. Most US and Canadian Special Operations units trace their lineage to the men of the FSSF.

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Categories: Fitness

207 S Main St
Three Forks, MT 59752 




Contact Name: Sean & Kira Gifford