July 20, 2020

Calling all members: nonprofits, organizations and businesses alike!

Hopefully you have noticed our summer adventure called
“Thursdays In Three Forks”
Every Thursday from 4pm to 7 pm (or later!)

We would love to encourage local & surrounding communities to come and enjoy Three Forks and support our Chamber businesses, organizations and non-profits.

We all could use some fun ways to socialize and connect with our community during these social distancing times.

Let’s be outside, walking historical downtown Main Street, shopping, eating and supporting each other!

Call To Action:
Whether your business/organization is located on Main Street downtown or not, we want you!

Would you like to have a table or space downtown along Main Street or at The Farmers market?
You can for FREE!
Please email [email protected] or call 406-285-4753.
We will get you a space and advertise it!

Are you already downtown and want to run a special or have a table outside? Let us know!
Please email [email protected] or call 406-285-4753.

Our non-profits and organizations are encouraged to participate! We want to help you fundraise.

Let’s follow the social distancing guidelines while having a great summer supporting and enjoying our community.

Who has joined us so far?

Iron Horse Cafe & Pie Shop is selling pie by the slice 
Stageline Pizza is selling Pizza by the Slice
Cheesecake on a Stick runs a special every week
Blue Smoke is offering $2 coupons if someone brings the ads in
Frontier Club is offering $.50 off every can or bottle
Plaza Bar is doing drink specials every Thursday
Be Lazy Quilting will be offering specials AND….
(Cotton Candy machine out front is in the works)
Legacy Trading will have a sidewalk table set up!
Three Forks Floral is offering bundles of hand tied bouquets

 Other Ideas
Businesses, Non-profits & Organizations can set up tables to share their cause!
…Hand out merchandise ,sell merchandise, sell water with your name on it, hand out candy while sharing information about your organization, meet people, create fun fundraisers game, do a blood drive, do a food drive…

Need ideas? Let us know!

[email protected]

(Above is the Full page add from Week 1, July 9th. Your name could be on this!)

~See you Thursdays in Three Forks!

[email protected]

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