January 24, 2020

Monthly Newsletter January 2020

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A Note from our President, Brooke Leugers
Our Community Calendar

Lewis & Clark Motel,  Highlight Member
Three Forks Pharmacy, Highlighted Member
Cowgirl Creativity, Highlighted Member
2019 Christmas Stroll Highlights
Our Foundation Highlights

Chewing on the Good News
A Note from our new Executive Director

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Hello Three Forks!As some of you may have noticed, a few key communication outlets have been missed in the absence of having an Executive Director.  We are thrilled to have found Leandra Hill and hope you will all welcome her as she begins to reach out to all of you in the coming months. 
We have expanded our hours of operation and will have someone available to answer your emails and phone calls from Monday – Friday, 10 am to 4 pm.It’s a new year and with it comes new board members.  I am pleased that Jeff Elliott with Three Forks Public Schools has been reelected and will continue working with our Civic & Economic Development Committee.  I look forward to another two years with Jeff as one of our Board Directors.  Karen Walton has grown within her organization which has taken her to Bozeman and was unable to fulfill her role as Vice President for her remaining year.  Julia Caruana with Cowgirl Creativity has stepped up to finish the year as your new Vice President.  Julia has a special talent in design and thinking outside the box, and therefore we feel she will be a strong asset on our Special Events Committee. Another new addition to the crew will be Dave Tudor with Tudor & Associates.  I have no doubt that he will bring an acute attention to detail while serving on the Ambassador committee this coming year!
 Please join me in welcoming your new board members. 
Until next time.

Brooke Leugers

We are taking great steps to make sure that important events 
for our community are on our calendar on the Three Forks Chamber website. 
Click Below to get to the full calendar!

Be Lazy Quilting
108 S Main St. 
Three Forks, MT 59752406-285-6632

January 18th was their 
One year anniversary!
Congratulations BLQ!The next 6 week beginners
quilt making class starts
February 5th at 1 pm.Also, there are only a few
spots left for the cork wallet
class starting February 29th.

Three Forks
Family Pharmacy

117 N Main St. 
Three Forks, MT 59752 406-285-3883
Three Forks Family Pharmacy is 
committed to offering prescriptions
for both you and your pets, 
over-the-counter meds, home care items, even bandages, & braces when you need them. They also have more gifts available: pottery,  metal art, Montana t-shirts and hats and more.

The Lewis & Clark Motel
510 S Main St. 
Three Forks, MT 59752

Lewis and Clark motel is a charming little inn with a
beautiful conference room called

The Gathering Place available for rent.  
Check out their website or call for special promotions.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus had approximately 200 kids come to visit them at the Firehall this year!.

All of the kids were so nice! 
The Clauses really enjoyed seeing them.

The youngest visitor was only 2 weeks old
and so precious!Kids were ready with their wish lists, and one young girl told Santa that all she wanted for Christmas was to spend every Christmas the rest of her life with her family!Who’s that loving these Gingerbread houses? Our very own Brooke Leugers.

~We can’t do it without you Three Forks~

Three Forks Physical Therapy won our
downtown business decoration contest. 
Thank you for lighting Three Forks up.

All of the kind donations of the decorated Christmas Trees & Wreaths helped us raise $207.50 for the
Three Forks Fire Department.

We had an amazing turnout and the most visitors ever!
The Museum had 389 kids come in for
their homemade stockings and there
was a total of 774 people, including the kids,
who came in that evening.

One boy with food allergies was glad to receive a stocking
that wasn’t just sweets – there was something he could actually eat!

We have so very many people to thank:
*Melissa Jenkins from the Three Forks Voice
for all of these wonderful pictures.

*Pat O’Brien Townsend, Gene Townsend and
the Historical Society members volunteers.
Thank you Mr. & Mrs Claus!

*Our own chamber board, all of our community members
who volunteered AND everyone who came to the stroll.

Our Christmas Stroll was a magical night, a
“loving gathering place, as well as a place to create new memories”.


Would you like to Cater our 2020 Annual Dinner?
Three Forks Chamber Members and Community:
If you would like to cater our annual dinner,
please submit your bid  to [email protected]
Tuesday, January 28th or give a call to 406-285-4753.Details: 80-100 people.Venue yet to be determined.Date: Friday March 27th, 2020

Three Forks Community Library
Did you know that the this one-time box car was the home of our first library?
The Federated Women’s Club started it and
Mrs. Margaret Haigh was the first librarian for over ten years!
It wasn’t until 1963 that the community came together to create a new building. 

“Just plain folks” donated over $1500, Kanta Products,
Three Forks Lumber, and Lane Construction contributed materials,
machinery and labor, Ideal Cement donated their product,
Peter Kiewit the gravel and Tom Fairhurst and his son did the wiring.
Today, we need new chairs.
Stop on by and donate a few bucks, or mail them a check.
The library is still built by us and for us.

By the way, did you know that the present day library
location only happened in 2002? 
And how did they move all the books from the old library
to the new one? Our community!


Check out our library!
607 Main St. 

Monday 10am – 5pm
Tuesday 1pm – 8pm
Wednesday 10am – 8pm
Thursday & Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday 12pm – 4pm

Three Forks Area Ambulance
The Three Forks Area Ambulance was formed in 1991 and is an IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible and needed. Made up of local community volunteers, all of the volunteers are professionally licensed by the State of Montana and many are members of national organizations. In addition, many of the volunteers have dual roles as EMTs and provide emergency response for the companies that operate in our area.

They have three ambulances that are in full service at any given time and the station is located at the corner of Main and Hickory in Three Forks.

Did you know?
Some of the volunteer members of the Three Forks Area Ambulance are also members of our Three Forks Fire Department,
Willow Creek Fire Department and Clarkston Fire Department.
They also offer EMT and CPR courses and Continuing Education credits.

Thank you Three Forks Area Ambulance and all volunteers.
When we need them, they are here for us.
If you would like to thank them, or become one of them, check out their website or contact them!


In the name of sharing good news, every month we will feature a story of  an individual or business doing something lovely for someone else.
  This month’s story comes from Jozie Jorgensen.
Friday, January 17th, Jozie was sitting at one of our local diners 
having lunch and going through a really rough time.
She was eating alone and took a phone call from her boyfriend
where she was sharing with him a little bit of her struggles.A kind soul must have overheard her conversation,  because as she got up to pay and leave, her lunch had already been covered.

Thank you, whoever you are…
 ~What a beautiful community we live in~

A Note from the New Director
~Leandra Hill~

Thank you for this incredible opportunity to assist our community
and all of our chamber members in this journey in 2020,
to successfully connect and grow our businesses.   
I want to personally reach out to each one of you,
so expect a phone call soon!  Understanding your business
and how I can assist you in your goals is a priority to me. One of our goals as a board in 2020
will be to facilitate more connection with
all of our community of all ages, and the amazing foundations
and civic minded groups that we have here in Three Forks. 
 Please feel free to email me or call with special events, sales or
just to chat about your business and how we can help.

-Leandra Hill 
“To laugh often and much;
to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
to earn the appreciation of honest critics
and to endure the betrayal of false friends;
to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others;
to leave the world a bit better
whether by a healthy child, a garden patch
or a redeemed social condition;
to know even one life has breathed easier
because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.”
Ralph Waldo EmersonAmerican Poet

Next Three Forks Chamber of Commerce Meeting
 Monday, February 10th, 2020 @ 12 Noon.
At the Three Forks Library

All Members Welcome!

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